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Never used spanish cleaning products before? then this is the starter bundle for you !

This amazing discounted bundle includes:

Destello Spa floor cleaner 1L- leaving your floors shiny and the aroma in the air beautifully fragranced.

Asevi Pure freshness fabric softener 1.5L – Pure Fresh fragrance strong and clean aroma that lasts on your clothes

Splash Ropa Limpia Air freshener 405ML- that just washed fresh clean clothes smell in a spray can for your home

Asevi pure freshness liquid detergent 3L- Pure Fresh Laundry Detergent cleans and freshens clothes leaving a “fresh “ fragrance for days.

Asevi Brisa air/fabric spray 400ML- Long-lasting scent for home and fabrics. Its scent can remain for up to more than 12 hours. Gives that spanish villa smell!!

3 Brujas disinfectant spray 750ML- Ready to use disinfectant spray, use on worktops and surfaces to kill germs, plus leaving a strong clean beautiful scent


*Please note we may give a different item to what’s in the picture however it will still be the same product*


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Spanish Cleaning Starter Bundle