Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AmourSparkles Privacy policy statement showing how we collect, use and disclose your personal data when visiting or purchasing from our site.

When visiting our site, we collect some information about your device, interaction, and information necessary to fill your purchase. We may also collect additional information, for example when contacting us for any customer support queries.

Please see below for more information on what personal information we collect and why

Device info

Examples collected, web browser version, IP address, cookies, time zone, products you view and how you’re interacting on the site

Purpose, to make sure the site is loaded for you correctly and that the load of the items

Order info

Examples collected, name, address for billing and shipping, payment info, email address and contact number.

Purpose, to provide and make sure you received the products, make sure payment is successful, arrange shipping to correct address, provide you with order confirmation, to communicate with you.

Customer service support

Examples collected, name, address for billing and shipping, email address and contact number

Purpose, to provide excellent and accurate customer service support 

How we share your information

we share your personal information where necessary to complete your order for which you have purchased from our website. For example, when you provide payment details, this information will need to be passed to banks to make sure the payments go through successfully and to avoid fraud and credit risk reduction.

Also passing to shipping companies so that your order can get to you efficiently. 

We may pass your personal information to third parties that we use, for example for customer support if a package arrived damaged, where we need to liaise with the shipping company to see what happened and how it can be resolved.

Head Office Details:

2 Century Drive


West Midlands

WV13 2JH 

United Kingdom

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